Thursday, April 29, 2010


hi i have a new blog please update and follow me here from now on...

peace and love!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Today I let some one do my face.
I am always disappointed when others put make-up on me. I always end up looking like an overly done, ashy (or trashy) outta-place brightly-colored prom queen. Not cute. Or I resemble a little girl who just played in her mom's stuff...(sigh) I'm not sure if it's lighting that makes one add more rouge to my temples or perhaps all that glittery white dust does actually look good on my brow bones....NOT. or maybe I'm just too picky ??? IDK . But I do know the first few seconds before I look at my finish self in the mirror is always awkward for me...and then I smile...and sometimes I lie " hmmmm, I like it"...nodding...and then boom, my eyes zoom in on those bright ass pink cheeks or that grey bluish tint on my lids, and I feel very very very ugly....yes make-up can make you look just as ugly as it can make you look pretty ...And today was not really any different. I actually did sorta like the eyes, but the cheeks were just too pink and that turned me off from the whole face. Pics were taken and some looked really nice, but in a fun- sprinkles- taste- the- rainbow kinda way...not an every day look.. The application it self was nicely done and the pampering was relaxing , but I am no prom queen so I had to wash it away before I went to work. I was relieved once I saw my own face return after a good sudsy scrub... blemishes and all.
Now, I will tell this beloved soul, whom I truly adore and totally love that I was not 100% happy with the job they did and make sure I'm wearing make-up so she won't ask to try again. LOL. or maybe I'll let her try again..I'm big on first mistakes and second chances. How else does one learn? improve? Especially since I despise lying and I know she put her all into it...
Still, at the end of the day, I have to feel comfortable with what I'm wearing...Ever see a girl dressed in high, skinny heels and a tiny tube skirt with a little butt cheek hanging out and you just know she wish she could start her day all over and choose a different skirt ??? Well, I don't want to ever be that girl .Feel me ?
So I must confess to her tomorrow that I rinsed it all off before I left for work and I will tell her why...and I'll be able to look my self in the face again and see the beauty of integrity glowing behind the make-up...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Looking the part ...Fake the feel till ya make it real!!!!

It is always important to come dressed and ready for the role you need to play. I am having a tough time with this one. Mother of 4, staying home in the day with my 1 year old and working nights takes it toll on my me time. Most mornings, it is easy to wake up and get the day started for the family then hours later look in the mirror and go "huh, what the hell zup with me?" Well I have had these occasions more than I'd like to confess.I know countless women do too. So what gives ladies ? We want to look our best, feel our best, but it's all adding up to 2nd best ???? I say " Hell no" to self neglect and I will have a romantic spring fling with my self this month of April. Yes, looney as it sounds I'm challenging my self to dolling up my face in the a.m. for the whole month. It is said that anything you do for 21 days or more turns into a habit...So it's worth a try!!! I think with a little more organization and preparation I'll be all glammed-up and guilt free in no time. Effort goes a long way...

working on my business cards this week-end !
be beautiful inside and out !

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dear Dentist, I love Kandee!

I am inspired by make-up artist who have made it and who do what I aspire to do professionally one day. I know that we all start off pretty much in the same spot and it's up to us individually to follow our hearts to see where the brush strokes and powder puffs lead us ! ( corny , but true!) There is so much joy to be had on this journey and although I don't have much make-up artistry friends to enjoy the ride with at the moment I do have the girls from my class ( VY , your the bomb and I can't wait to get together for Henna tats !) to encourage and be encouraged by !First, I plan to network and mingle with the models,photogropher and other make-up people in my area. Hmmmm, where does one go to find these folks? Well for me, I'll start on facebook and see where Models Mahem will lead. I have a few folkx in mind that I'd like to work with so far. Hey, I said we all have to start some where , right?
lalalala ,
Now there are some super duper cool bloggers out there that light up my vanity tray! Really !

I am totally inspired by Kandee and aparently many others are too ! She is a very sweet individual that you'd love as a neighbor or check-out girl at Dunkin Donuts (cause you know shes gonna hook you up with extra munchkins) You have got to check out this woman ! She does tutorials, makes things, has great sense of DIY style and is a beautiful mother, sister and daughter. Her energy is amazing and natural. I am always inspired when i read her blog. Her approach is always upbeat and happy and colorful, even when she is feeling sick.Thank you Kandee for being and showing the best version of YOU ! I am a better make up artist having " known" you !

Before and After

My classmate was a great model.
Here is her mug shot. I wouldn't make her smile until the after. When doing before and afters the after is always more dramatic if the before is with out smile. just worx...

And tada, a few strokes of foundation, concealer,powder, shadows, mascara ,lip color and smile we have a lovely finish.
What was most beautiful about my model however was her Spirit. She was fun and talkative and very easy to work with. I'm sure all my clients will be that way riiiight????
This exercise was fun. We had to diminish imperfections on the face. I even out her skin tone with foundation and used concealer to reduce the dark under eye circles.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The color wheel...

Last week we discussed the lovely color wheel in class and I got a chance to do my first application on a student. Now that I understand the color wheel better I will be a tab bit more daring with my color selections even in my wardrobe and home decorating. It is all making more sense to me. The application I did in class was fun and the time flew! That is what I love , doing something that I love and not even realizing that it is time to go home! Time flies when one is having fun! Putting on my classmates make up was surprisingly easy once I had a powder puff in my hand. There was little time to be nervouse when I had to blend and match color. The eyebrows looked good and my "model" was happy with the end results...Now, I will post my pics very soon. Looks like Im a better make-up artist than a photographer so far ...
This week-end I will also go shop for my first follower!She jumped on board and as a fierce first she gets a prize !!!!

I'm working late tonight, but will go home to catch some beauty sleep in the next 1/2hour !

I hope you had a beautiful week !!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Birth of a Beautiful Klutz !

I did something I have been wondering about for years! I started Beauty School ! This endeavour is step one to becoming a professional makeup artist/ stylist or at the very least trying it out to see if it is some thing I love enough to persue.
Although I do love great make-up and am interested in photography, getting into the beauty/ photography industry was never a life goal of mine, but has always interested me. Now I am taking a stab at it and trying to take my self seriously. This blog is my chronicle of my glittery journey. My make-up artistry course is a 6 week program where I become certified to do make-up. I have worked with faces before as a Mary Kay Cosmetics Rep and that was fun.
Being a MK rep taught me about buety and business and most importantly I met some rich, stylish and business savvy women that inspired me and actually drove the Pink Caddy !!!! Now despite all the fun and great women I met, I really wasn't going to become a director although I really really liked to think that. I finally got out after learning the ways of the sales woman and realizing that my lifestyle was not conducive to the business anymore...I was losing the drive I needed to be successful at direct sales representative and I was not making the $$$$$$$$ I so badly wanted to make. I also saw others making money and driving free pink cars and just could not see how I would do it. In addition I was still in school and had three little kids and a hubby to deal with at home...I was about 23 years old...By 27 I had had my share of the fairy tale Mary Kay life and I was DONE ! I did hundreds of facials in those four years and learned lots! I do still love the product and may even rejoin MK just for the access to my favorite products for a discounted prices and other beauty supplies. Now If I get a sale or two GREAT, but that is not my goal...

My Goals are:
Work at a make-up counter
Network with photographers and models in my area,
Build my portfolio,
Get actual clients
Become the Go-To make-up girl
Work in print, video, behind the scences and where ever else the stroke of the powder puff takes me !!!

And if all else fails I'll be back at the drawing board working on plan B...

I'm equipped with passion and persistence. Thank you for following my journey !
Shout outs to all the Avon ladies that kept my mom smelling sweet with just a spritz of Amari and a simple stroke of wine tinted lip gloss.
Shout-outs to all the Mary Kay ladies riding in those pink caddies!

Shout outs to EVERYBODY stepping out on FAITH !!!!
Let's do this !

PS: Why the name Beauty Klutz?
Because I'm a klutz and I appreciate all things beautiful..I think also that some times we women learn of our beauty and power( inner and outer) in an accidental, perhaps klutzy way....

A quick confession: I trip, slip and dip on a regular, beautiful basis! ( I'm working on this, it's getting dangerous)
I also get into some pretty tight and sometimes hilarious situations so I'm lovingly called " The Black Lucy" !
Most importantly, I'm trying to climb to the top and I'm not perfect, so there will be mishaps and spills and kute klutziness along the way...
Last but definitely not least, My son,wordsmith that he is, spit out the name one day before he left for school ,He looked up at me and said "Beautiful Klutz " ...I was smitten...

Hope you enjoy and comment and share with me you beautiful Klutz , you !