Friday, March 26, 2010

The color wheel...

Last week we discussed the lovely color wheel in class and I got a chance to do my first application on a student. Now that I understand the color wheel better I will be a tab bit more daring with my color selections even in my wardrobe and home decorating. It is all making more sense to me. The application I did in class was fun and the time flew! That is what I love , doing something that I love and not even realizing that it is time to go home! Time flies when one is having fun! Putting on my classmates make up was surprisingly easy once I had a powder puff in my hand. There was little time to be nervouse when I had to blend and match color. The eyebrows looked good and my "model" was happy with the end results...Now, I will post my pics very soon. Looks like Im a better make-up artist than a photographer so far ...
This week-end I will also go shop for my first follower!She jumped on board and as a fierce first she gets a prize !!!!

I'm working late tonight, but will go home to catch some beauty sleep in the next 1/2hour !

I hope you had a beautiful week !!!!

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  1. what would a formula be to color bath salts. Have tried some different ideas 1 was to mix a teaspoon of vinegar to the oils but it came out smelling like pickles so much for that. So I tried vitamin E oil,2 teaspoons of water and 15 to 20 drops of colr 2 different colors green and red and came out with a brownish green which is fine but the red seems to be separateing. Can u help divise a formula that might work better for coloring the salts . I also have some powerded detrich salt that's suppose to make the mixture even or more uniform. If u can help me I would appreciate it.