Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dear Dentist, I love Kandee!

I am inspired by make-up artist who have made it and who do what I aspire to do professionally one day. I know that we all start off pretty much in the same spot and it's up to us individually to follow our hearts to see where the brush strokes and powder puffs lead us ! ( corny , but true!) There is so much joy to be had on this journey and although I don't have much make-up artistry friends to enjoy the ride with at the moment I do have the girls from my class ( VY , your the bomb and I can't wait to get together for Henna tats !) to encourage and be encouraged by !First, I plan to network and mingle with the models,photogropher and other make-up people in my area. Hmmmm, where does one go to find these folks? Well for me, I'll start on facebook and see where Models Mahem will lead. I have a few folkx in mind that I'd like to work with so far. Hey, I said we all have to start some where , right?
lalalala ,
Now there are some super duper cool bloggers out there that light up my vanity tray! Really !

I am totally inspired by Kandee and aparently many others are too ! She is a very sweet individual that you'd love as a neighbor or check-out girl at Dunkin Donuts (cause you know shes gonna hook you up with extra munchkins) You have got to check out this woman ! She does tutorials, makes things, has great sense of DIY style and is a beautiful mother, sister and daughter. Her energy is amazing and natural. I am always inspired when i read her blog. Her approach is always upbeat and happy and colorful, even when she is feeling sick.Thank you Kandee for being and showing the best version of YOU ! I am a better make up artist having " known" you !

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