Friday, April 2, 2010

Today I let some one do my face.
I am always disappointed when others put make-up on me. I always end up looking like an overly done, ashy (or trashy) outta-place brightly-colored prom queen. Not cute. Or I resemble a little girl who just played in her mom's stuff...(sigh) I'm not sure if it's lighting that makes one add more rouge to my temples or perhaps all that glittery white dust does actually look good on my brow bones....NOT. or maybe I'm just too picky ??? IDK . But I do know the first few seconds before I look at my finish self in the mirror is always awkward for me...and then I smile...and sometimes I lie " hmmmm, I like it"...nodding...and then boom, my eyes zoom in on those bright ass pink cheeks or that grey bluish tint on my lids, and I feel very very very ugly....yes make-up can make you look just as ugly as it can make you look pretty ...And today was not really any different. I actually did sorta like the eyes, but the cheeks were just too pink and that turned me off from the whole face. Pics were taken and some looked really nice, but in a fun- sprinkles- taste- the- rainbow kinda way...not an every day look.. The application it self was nicely done and the pampering was relaxing , but I am no prom queen so I had to wash it away before I went to work. I was relieved once I saw my own face return after a good sudsy scrub... blemishes and all.
Now, I will tell this beloved soul, whom I truly adore and totally love that I was not 100% happy with the job they did and make sure I'm wearing make-up so she won't ask to try again. LOL. or maybe I'll let her try again..I'm big on first mistakes and second chances. How else does one learn? improve? Especially since I despise lying and I know she put her all into it...
Still, at the end of the day, I have to feel comfortable with what I'm wearing...Ever see a girl dressed in high, skinny heels and a tiny tube skirt with a little butt cheek hanging out and you just know she wish she could start her day all over and choose a different skirt ??? Well, I don't want to ever be that girl .Feel me ?
So I must confess to her tomorrow that I rinsed it all off before I left for work and I will tell her why...and I'll be able to look my self in the face again and see the beauty of integrity glowing behind the make-up...

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